Data Analysis

 Knowledge in a range of statistical analysis ranging from basic tests (such as t-tests), linear regressions, fixed effect models and network analysis. Need an analysis done but I haven’t listed it?  Or have data but don’t know what analysis it needs? Contact me, one of my main skills is figuring out the correct way to analyse data and ensuring that the analysis is robust – I learn new analysis techniques on a regular basis. Interpretation of the data can be delivered both at scientific and general public level.

Web Scraping

Web scraping code for HTML, CSS and JavaScript web sites.


R and Python


I can provide graphics suitable for publications and reports.


I work on GIS in R as its a stable and flexible platform for delivering both small scale and simulation level projects.

Arduino/Raspberry Pi

From the the 1st of June 2019 I can provide code for Arduino and Raspberry Pi based projects.