Here’s a presentation of some of the people involved with the work in Kinabalu Park. We work closely not only with Sabah Parks but with the staff in Kinabalu Park on these projects, we are especially interested in ensuring that we train up at least some of the staff in the field techniques that we use. During the last season Benedict was our primary field assistant, he learnt our field protocol really well as well getting very good at species ID both visually and acoustically.



Nicole Skiba

Nicole is a masters student from Anglia Ruskin University and is working on assessing the shifts in species composition with altitude in the park.

Paul Imbun

Paul is a research and education officer in Kinabalu Park. He is the parks local collaborator and have worked for the park for 20 years. He specialises on amphibians and provides valuable input on species ID and logistics.

Benedict Butit

Benedict often works as our field assistant, it means that he comes out with us and helps us perform the work in the field. He has worked for Kinabalu Park for a number of years and assisted on numerous project. He thereby provides not only invaluable research assistance, but also gives invaluable input on logistics.

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