My name is Catharina and I am currently doing a PhD at the National University of Singapore in the Theoretical Ecology and Modeling lab, I am also co-supervised by the Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation lab. I am originally a behavioural ecologist, but I am now geared more towards the theoretical side of ecology. I work on existing modelling tools as well as developing new mathematical models to help in animal conservation. I enjoy statistics and playing around with coding. This does not mean I never go to the field! On the contrary I feel like fieldwork helps with ensuring you do not miss anything mathematically when you develop new equations, and the theoretical side means that you start question things that are done in the field that you might otherwise not have thought of.

I have a BSc Hons in Animal Behaviour and Ecology & Conservation from Anglia Ruskin University, an MRes in Ecology, systematics and conservation from Imperial College and a MSc in Ecology from Uppsala University. I am currently a red listing intern with IUCN working on newly described species from South Asia. I still work on a meta-analytic study on statistical power in conservation biology and I hope its an area that I can continue to work in. During my studies I have done work on Alpine Ibex in Italy, the systematics of Cameroon caecilians (British Natural History Museum), conservation genetics of a rare coastal European plant (Kew Gardens) and on malaria infections in the Collared Flycatcher. My full CV can be found here: KarlssonCV

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