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Upcoming Attendance


The World Congress of Herpetology in Dunedin, New Zealand, January.
I am co-organising a symposium on bioacoustics.

Are you one of the invited speakers? Please follow this link for currently released speaker and abstract information. 


The Association for Tropical Biology, Sri Lanka, September.

Planned Workshops

There are currently no planned workshops. 

Previous Conference Attendance

Association for Tropical Biology (2018) – Presentation

Bioacoustics of the amphibian community in Kinabalu Park and the use of open source resources for passive acoustic monitoring

Association for Tropical Biology (2018) – Poster

Altitudinal shifts of amphibian species over 80 years on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo Altitudinal_shifts_printed_version

Association for Tropical Biology (2018) – Workshop

Bioacoustic Analysis (workshop 7 delivered on the 30th of June).

The Digital Naturalism Conference (2018) – Project based

Configured LoRa to function with a Raspberry Pi based passive acoustic monitoring station

Southeast Asian Gateway of Evolution (2017) – Keynote Presentation (joint)

New biodiversity monitoring techniques: Where is technology taking us and how can we utilize it?

Symposia organiser: Biomonitoring

Joint Meeting of Ichtyologists and Herpetologists (2017)    – Presentation

Temporal partitioning in calling activity of the amphibian community in Kinabalu Park.

World Herpetology Congress (2016)    – Presentation

Ansonia platysoma, the effect of habitat variables on occupancy.

Conservation Asia (2016)    – Presentation

Automated acoustic monitoring: current use and challenges.

Biological Sciences Graduate Student Congress (2015)   – Poster

Optimal time allocation between sites under limited time and differing detection rates.

ICCB-ECCB Montpellier (2015)    – Speed Presentation

Training region effects on Species Distribution Models

SCB Asia Melacca (2014)   – Presentation

Statistical Power in Conservation.