Conferences and Workshops

Planned Conference Attendance:


The Digital Naturalism Conference in Koh Lon, Thailand, June.

Association For Tropical Biology in Kuching, Malaysia, July.


Planned Workshops: 

Bioacoustic Analysis for ATBC 2018 (workshop 7 delivered on the 30th of June).


Previously Delivered Conference Presentations:


Southeast Asian Gateway of Evolution (2017) – Keynote Presentation (joint)

New biodiversity monitoring techniques: Where is technology taking us and how can we utilize it?

Symposia organiser: Biomonitoring

Joint Meeting of Ichtyologists and Herpetologists (2017)    – Presentation

Temporal partitioning in calling activity of the amphibian community in Kinabalu Park.

World Herpetology Congress (2016)    – Presentation

Ansonia platysoma, the effect of habitat variables on occupancy.

Conservation Asia (2016)    – Presentation

Automated acoustic monitoring: current use and challenges.

Biological Sciences Graduate Student Congress (2015)   – Poster

Optimal time allocation between sites under limited time and differing detection rates.

ICCB-ECCB Montpellier (2015)    – Speed Presentation

Training region effects on Species Distribution Models

SCB Asia Melacca (2014)   – Presentation

Statistical Power in Conservation.