Grants & Scholarships


2016    Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund
        Automated Acoustic Monitoring in Singapore (US$ 46,642).

2016    Idea Wild
        Equipment grant for Sennheiser microphone (US$ 800).

2015    National Geographic Society Conservation Grant Asia
        Automatic Acoustic Monitoring on Mount Kinabalu (US $ 28,290)

2015    Mohamed bin Zayed species conservation grant 
        Habitat effects on Ansonia platysoma (US $12,000).  

Scholarships & Awards

2017                 Lu Yinru Travel Scholarship – Travel Award for JMIH.
2017                 ASIH – Travel Award for JMIH 2017.
2016                 WCH Scholarship – Award to attend the World 
                     Herpetology Congress.
2016                 CDL Scholarship - Award to attend the ATBC-SCB Asia.
2015                 ICCB Travel Award - Award for ICCB conference.
2015                 QAECO/CEED Travel Fellowship - Thre months lab 
                     exchange with Melbourne University and
                     Australia National University.                     
2014 - 2018          SINGA Scholarship
                     PhD with National University of Singapore.
2010                 Paid Research internship
                     Anglia Ruskin University.